Oasis by Design Healing Products

Based on the “deeper-than-deep dive” she has conducted with clients/users, Dr. Toby Israel contributes her groundbreaking Design Psychology insights to the research and development of patient-centered products such as her Robe to Wellness.

Her visionary ideas, knowledge and techniques as described in her book, Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places help your company develop new healing products and grow new markets through the eyes and emotions of the patient/caregiver/user.

To accomplish her mission of creating Oases by Design, Dr. Israel:

  • Offers her new healing product ideas
  • Consults to help your team envision your new healing products
  • Tests healing product ideas via Design Psychology visioning sessions and focus groups
  • Contributes to the design and marketing of functional, beautiful, nurturing products

To find out more about how your healthy and healing furniture, paint, flooring, technology or other healthcare company, firm or institution can partner in the mission to create Oases by Design, contact Toby Israel Consulting, Inc.