Healing Spaces by Design Psychology
Toby Israel, Ph.D., a visionary founder

Toby Israel, Ph.D.

Featured in Oprah’s O Home, The New York Times, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Men’s Health Living and more.

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Healthcare design solutions that nurture
the healed, emotionally fulfilled
lives we wish to achieve.


Online Design Psychology Workshop


This talk introduces participants to a groundbreaking method of using Design Psychology to create oasis-like healthcare/home spaces that promote well-being. Gain the skill to determine the personal, nurturing associations you/your clients have with color, fabrics, furniture and special objects. Case study examples show how you can combine these elements to create spaces that act as a catalyst helping those suffering from illness, loss or stress to envision a positive future.

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Robe to Wellness

A designer robe with a personal message for women on the healing journey through radiation, recovery and . . . life.

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Toby Israel, Ph.D. is a visionary founder of the new field of Design Psychology. Her worldwide experience and groundbreaking theories are summarized in her book Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places.

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